Where's Lalu?

 The founder of Lalu, Julie Scarlata, is creating a new company with her business partner, Jolyn Anderson, to broaden your experiences in the creative arts, movement and supportive family programming.

This new company is the Wonder Co.

Let's Wonder together

Twigs & Shoots Photography

Take time to wonder, imagine, create, play, connect,

& Be free!

The wish is that our environment inspires wonder and curiosity. 

As Fred Rogers once said, "Being curious about the world around us is an important part of learning."

Unfortunately as time goes on, we often lose our sense of wonder. We get busy in our lives, we have meetings to attend, children to care for, bills to pay...and we forget to nurture our curiosity. Curiosity can still flourish if we give it a chance. The Wonder Co. hopes to cultivate that again in everyone.


Photo Credit: Twigs & Shoots Photography

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