Camp Forms & Waivers

We are so happy that you've chosen The Wonder Co!

We know these forms are no fun, but we promise it won't take too long. Please fill out all forms completely.

Forms and any required supporting documents are due at least 48 hours prior to camp start date.

Questions? Please email or call us at: or 720.773.1278

Parent & Attendee Info
Parent 1 or Guardian's Name *
Parent 1 or Guardian's Name
Parent 1 Primary Phone Number *
Parent 1 Primary Phone Number
Parent 1 Work Phone Number *
Parent 1 Work Phone Number
Parent 2 or Guarian's Phone Number *
Parent 2 or Guarian's Phone Number
Please include any nickname.
First Child's Birthdate *
First Child's Birthdate
Please include nickname.
Second Child's Birthdate
Second Child's Birthdate
Emergency Contact Info
Please list two emergency contacts other than the primary parent/guardian.
Emergency 1 Contact Phone *
Emergency 1 Contact Phone
Emergency 2 Contact Phone *
Emergency 2 Contact Phone
Child Pick-Up Information
Please list those who are authorized to pick up your child (Must show picture ID)
Please provide all names and phone numbers.
Medical Information
Please provide all information to ensure your child's health and safety.
Primary Doctor Phone Number *
Primary Doctor Phone Number
I give permission for the Wonder Co. & Lalu Art Studio or officers, members, managers, agents and other affiliated persons or entities of Lalu Art Studio, to take whatever steps are reasonably necessary to obtain emergency medical care, if required. Any expenses incurred in carrying out these steps will be borne by my or my child’s family. *
Wonder Co. agrees to provide temporary, short-term services for children at our facilities. Wonder Co. visits are limited to a maximum of 5 days a week/ Monday- Friday/ 7:30- 5:30. Each visit must be paid for in full prior to arrival. In exchange for this service the parent/ legal guardian agrees to the rate of service. By signing this agreement the parent/ legal guardian agrees that: 1. They are the parent or legal guardian of the child (3 years- 11 years of age). 2. That Wonder Co. services are only provided from 7:30-5:30, camp privileges may be revoked for violations. 3. Wonder Co. will not be able to accept sick children. 4. Picture ID is required to check in/ out children from the Wonder Co space. 5. Children must be checked in and out by the same person (unless otherwise identified prior to sign in). 6. Reservations through are required to ensure adequate staffing. 7. Reservations not used or cancelled will be subject to the loss of the entire cost of camp. 8. Parents/ Legal Guardian agrees to pay any additional fees incurred either at the facility and/ or agrees that the facility may charge the additional fees to the card on file. 9. Wonder Co. strives to provide appropriate videos, books, and play activities in our camps; However, Wonder Co. does not assume any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the content of any such video, book, or activity. 10. Wonder Co. observes a policy where parents will be contacted and asked to retrieve their child for any behavioral issues. 11. Wonder Co. reserves the right to deny further admission to any child, for any reason. 12. Children should be fed and have used the restroom prior to arrival. 13. Every child must bring a lunch and water bottle to each session. 14. Children must wear shoes while at the Wonder Co. facilities. 15. Please leave personal items at home. Wonder Co. is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. 16. It is the parents responsibility to keep the Wonder Co. updated on their child’s record. 17. Wonder Co. will make every effort to accommodate the needs of all children. However, the Wonder Co. is not staffed or equipped to provide special care for anyone requiring individual or specialized care or attention. 18. Parent/ legal guardian agrees that the Wonder Co. may use photographs, interviews, videos and any other media featuring you and/ or your children for purposes of advertising, illustration, broadcast or distributing in any legal manner, and you waive any claim for compensation for each use. 19. Emergency Services will be contacted in the event of a medical emergency. You consent that the minor child may receive medical treatment deemed advisable by emergency service personnel, and that you will be responsible for any medical expenses incurred by the minor. 20. Wonder Co. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason and reserves the right to change or modify policies and procedures at any time. In addition to the above, I also agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS and INDEMNIFY Wonder Co. and its employees, directors, and managers, individual partners, agents, and shareholder for any claims made by a minor or brought on behalf of a minor. I have read and agree to abide by the Wonder Co. agreement printed above. I further agree to authorize individuals identified on the Admission Agreement form as a persons authorized to pick up my child(ren) in case of emergency.