Behind our brand

Working with Children:

We believe our classes should be kept small with only 8-10 children in our baby and toddler art and movement classes, 4-6 children in our preschool art and movement classes, and 10-12 children in our school-age art and movement classes.

As the creative arts are an expression of ourselves, we aim to provide a safe community atmosphere where individuality is nurtured, and challenged in a way that builds a strong self-image and cultivates self-esteem through accomplishment and self-recognition. We take time to listen and focus on the inner child and the magic they hold within.  We want the “whole child”; heart, mind, spirit and body to grow and shine bright and be proud of their work and individuality. 

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Almost all creativity requires purposeful play.

Abraham Maslow

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Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.

Author Unkonwn

Working with Adults:

Just as we believe that children are innately creative, we whole-heartedly believe that adults are, too. However, we often neglect to exercise that creative muscle. At the Wonder Co., we hope to bring people joy and open up new opportunities for them to explore.

We strongly believe that when we bring people together to create, we build friendships and foster collaboration among our community.

We hope that through our adult classes, we toss aside the idea “perfection” and instead think about the value that is added to your life and nurture your mind, body, and creative spirit.