where you are allowed to wonder

Art, music, and movement are an outlet for our personal voice. We focus on building a welcoming and supportive environment for everyone. Having a safe place to share our individuality makes it easier to learn how to open our hearts and understand one another. Everyone wants their voice heard.  So sometimes that means pausing our daily activities to take the time to create, explore, discover, and wonder. 

Our hope is that the Wonder Co. offers a supportive environment where we can grow our curiosity, and reconnect with our voice. 


Pre-teen & teen classess

Teen Artisan Workshop

We are here to help your preteens and teens develop their creative and entrepreneurial skills!

Grab your friends and join the Wonder Co. for our new Teen Artisan Workshop classes. Cultivate your creativity, build community (and make new friends), and learn a new craft each week! Projects will include macrame wall hangings, Japanese Shibori, Mala bead bracelets, and hand-lettered cards. This class introduces teens to the basics of what it takes to be an artisan and own a small business. Each week will include 30 minutes of business education and discussion and an hour of crafting!

Do they Want a Yoga or fitness class?

Tell us what you need and want. We are here to help you and your preteens/teens engage in activities that keep them from boredom!

We have instructors that are focused on working with young adults.

If you have a group of pre-teens and teens that might be interested, call or email us to let us know what dates and times work for you!